Welcome to the 2022 Advancing EE Conference!
Power of Connection: Growing the EEcosystem

We are so excited to welcome you to the Virtual Advancing Environmental Education Conference! We invite you to take advantage of the many opportunities to explore research, elevate practices and spark collaborations at the conference!

*Please note - Sessions, presenters and scheduled times may be subject to change.

Please contact Brianna Shriner, CAEE Program and Event Coordinator at info@caee.org with any additional questions. 
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Barbara Farley

Friends of Dinosaur Ridge
Director of Volunteers & Education Program Growth
Morrison, CO

Contact Me

I have over 18 years of experience in environmental education, outdoor and science education working for various educational non-profits including the National Wildlife Federation, Wildlife Center of Virginia and Denver Museum of Nature and Science. I currently oversee the volunteer program for Dinosaur Ridge and co-direct the Education activities at Dinosaur Ridge. I'm happy to discuss education programs in a non-formal and outdoor setting as well as Dinosaur Ridge's new virtual offerings for schools, teachers and at home learning.